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What’s common between burgers and footballs?

What’s common between burgers and footballs?

Most people will say “nothing really”

But the marketing team at McDonald’s said “KICK YOUR TRASH!”


McDonald’s launched its iconic “Kick Your Trash” campaign in connection with FIFA in 2010.

The campaign aimed to reduce littering outside McDonald’s restaurants.

McDonald’s challenged their young customers to score their own goals by kicking their trash balls into the trash can. The campaign received an overwhelming response.

Why does the campaign stand out as a marketing lesson?

McDonald’s turned its corporate social responsibility into a marketing campaign.

One of the major factors in any company’s continued success is their commitment to social responsibility.

They have to ensure that their actions are sustainable and do not harm the environment.

McDonald’s, through the campaign, demonstrated that they are committed to educating and taking measures to protect their environment by addressing the littering near their restaurants.

This effort resonated with their customers resulting in the campaign’s success.

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