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Servicing individual creators, brands, and personal brands who aim at high conversions on their video content.
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Ideation & Consulting

We work with you closely to identify, define and achieve your goals by doing extensive research, data analysis and industry benchmarking.

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Viral Video Edits

We edit your videos in ways that make them easier to consume and engage with by using elements that make your audience go ‘wow’.
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Content Management

We handle your social media content posting by adding suitable captions and engagement elements that help with discoverability & reach.

& More To Help You Create Video Content That

Goes Viral
Gets Followers
Saves Time
Increases ROI
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Reach the hearts of millions using strategies tailor-made to your style and achieve virality – organically and quickly.

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Achieve higher CTR and increase average watch time using our proven ideation strategies and hi-performance editing.

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Let us do the creative and strategic heavy lifting while you focus on your core business.

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Leverage your content strategy to generate consistent revenue from videos for your business.

How We Do It

After facing our share of successes and failures, we have identified the science behind the art of effective storytelling that delivers results. We call it…

…the WHYBRAND Viral Marketing Engine

Our industry-disrupting methodology is based on a mix of humour, emotion and logic to ensure your videos motivate, engage and connect with a majority of the population.


In-Depth Research

We start with extensive research on you, your niche and your competitors to understand the existing ecosystem and get a perspective of relevant content formats.

Content Hypothesis

Based on our Research & Analysis, we generate a hypothesis of what we think will work best for you and your target audience.

Data Driven Ideation

We deep dive into historical data and create an optimal content strategy that has the viral recipe to work for your niche.

Production Execution

This step entails creating, editing and publishing videos using elements that have the best chance of leaving a lasting impression on the viewer.

Review Results

After publishing the first few videos, we dissect their performance and analyse our findings to ascertain if the results correspond with our hypothesis or warrant changes.

Trusted By

Our varied client base has allowed us to work across formats, platforms and industries. While some graced us with exciting opportunities, others presented a fair share of challenges. As a team, we have made the most of both.

Today, we are lucky to have an enviable client list that includes large corporates, startups, celebrities, personal brands and more.

Key Milestones We Have Delivered

Whether its views, followers or conversions, trust us to help you achieve the milestones you have set for your business. These are some we’ve delivered over the past year.


Revenue in 8 Months

10 Million+

Video Views on Single Video


New Followers Daily


Increase in CTR


Subscribers from Single Video


Engagement Rate in 4 Months

Become a recognized

Influencer, Podcaster, or a Brand

With Video

We help thought leaders generate views, followers, and leads using Instagram, TikTok & Youtube video content.

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I'm Sahas. I started Squid Media ...

…video content marketing agency to help creators leverage video content to generate conversions.

So, whether you’re an individual or a brand, as long as you think video can help you achieve your goal, you’ve come to the right place.

“We take data-driven decisions to create content that grabs attention, goes viral and increases your ROI.”

You're In Good Company

See how we have helped creators and brands meet their social media goals.

Hear From Ace Creators

You know you’re successful when your clients become your evangelists. So, we’ll let them do the talking.

Aditya Soma

Founder of Wincity Real Estate Team

Ben Simpson

Founder and CEO of Collective Shift

Arman Assadi

Host of Alfalfa and FLOW podcast

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