Case Studies

Over the years we have solved many unique challenges. Here are a handful that stood out and made us think out of the box.



Aditya Kumar Soma


YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook


Real Estate, Education

The Challenge

Aditya Soma approached Sahas at Squid Media with a goal to refresh the brand positioning & strategy for his YouTube channel along with building a stronger personal brand. Although he was active on all social media platforms, only Youtube videos gave him positive returns by generating revenue for his business. Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn were completely non-performing and generated little to no considerable revenue.

The Idea

After in-depth research and data crunching of Aditya’s social media analytics, website analytics and past customer profiles, our team of experts identified certain segments of audiences with similar attributes that were more receptive. We decided to strategically position him among Telugu (Indian) and English-speaking audiences in Canada and India in a bid to give his brand a relatable and authentic feel.

From Idea To Execution

We adopted these execution strategies to achieve Aditya’s goals by making changes that would create maximum impact:

A predictive approach to analyze weakness.

Thumbnails strategy to increase the CTR.

High-performance video edits to increase retention.

Processes for data & lead tracking across all platforms to plug leaks.

Repositioned the brand with a new identity that was synonymous with his story and relatable for the audience, i.e. “Your Freedom Agent”

The Outcome

A few months into handling the account, our strategies created a major impact on Aditya’s personal brand and successfully positioned him as the go-to real estate agent in Windsor, Canada. The relatability factor of his immigrant story inspired millions which ultimately impacted his business’ bottom line. Today, Aditya is the #1 Real Estate agent in Windsor, Canada and among the most influential realtors in the world.

$1 Million+

Gross Commissions doubled from $500,000 in 8 Months

$72 Million+

Total Sales crossed within 12 Months


Follower Growth across platforms in 8 Months


Engagement Rate boost in 4 Months


YouTube CTR from 2.9% to 4.5% in 6 Months

5.5 Million+

1st Viral Video to garner massive views in 15 Days

"If you are looking to grow your personal brand and get help with your social media, I'd strongly recommend you work with Sahas."

Squid Media Aditya Soma

Aditya Soma

Founder of Wincity Real Estate Team






Finance, Crypto

The Challenge

Bankless’ primary objective is to educate the masses on Crypto content through their Youtube Channel. As one of the pioneers in the field, they were faced with the daunting task of explaining several complicated concepts that a vast majority of the internet audience found difficult to grasp.

Despite having a few thousand subscribers on YouTube, the content lacked retention. This led to limited video views and slow growth of subscribers.

The Idea

We started our efforts by reviewing the existing videos. After analysing thousands of hours of content, we identified two major problems – the content was too complex at times and the upload schedule was erratic.

We got around the complexity problem by deploying a new style of writing and leveraged YouTube shorts to explain difficult concepts in a bite-sized format. As for the upload schedule, we achieved a quick turnaround with high-performance video editing.

From Idea To Execution

We adopted the following strategies to achieve Bankless’ goals:

Our team did extensive research on the audience type and learnt what they enjoyed.

A/B Testing was done to identify thumbnails that could increase CTR and thereby increase the organic reach on Youtube.

To understand why retention was low, we audited the content and created baselines.

High-performance video edits were done to improve retention.

The Outcome

Our strategies were successful in boosting discoverability and retention, which ultimately allowed the channel to grow on all fronts.


Impressions on a Single Video in 28 Days


Achieved target View Count for new content published


New Subscribers from a Single Video


Average Percentage Viewed increased 70% from previous videos

We have a proven track record of using a mix of processes and out-of-the-box ideas to solve problems no matter how big or unique.

– Sahas Chopra | Founder & Director, Squid Media


We have a proven track record of using a mix of processes and out-of-the-box ideas to solve problems , no matter how big or unique.

Sahas Chopra | Founder & Director, Squid Media



Sahas Chopra


YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn & Facebook


Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Real Estate

The Challenge

Despite posting regularly, Sahas’ social media presence had hit stagnancy with limited reach and engagement. He had tremendous experience in the field of content creation and video storytelling, but it did little to boost his personal brand or reach a wider audience.

He tried multiple content formats and platforms, but his follower count was stuck around the 5,000 mark for over a year.

The Idea

Sahas needed a fresh content strategy to attract an audience based on his experience and results. We researched and analyzed successful influencers who posted similar content and the behavioural patterns of their audience. We noticed that short-form content such as Instagram reels, TikTok and Youtube shorts resonated with this target audience.

We, therefore, decided to pivot our efforts towards a ‘Focused Short Form’ content strategy on just Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Content pillars were created around Video Tips, Business Tips and Life Hacks. Subsequently, attention-grabbing videos around these content pillars were published to get the results Sahas aimed for.

From Idea To Execution

We adopted the following strategies to achieve Sahas’ goals:

Focused research on the target audience and what they enjoyed.

A/B tests were done on the videos and their hooks.

High-performance video edits were done to improve retention.

Content ideas were shortlisted based on the pre-decided content pillars.

Storytelling and recency were incorporated into all content.

The Outcome

The follower count grew rapidly from 5,000 to 140,000 followers in just 4 weeks, with his videos receiving a whopping 11.6 million impressions and 1.2 million shares.


Growth in Follower Count in 1 Month


Viral Videos with over million views in 1 Month


Boost in Engagement Rate within a span of 1 Month


Additional Sales Generated within 90 days

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