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#405, 20 Maud St, Toronto, ON M5V 2M5


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Which services are you interested in? *

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#405, 20 Maud St, Toronto, ON M5V 2M5


What types of video content does Squid Media specialize in?

We specialize in creating engaging video ads, social media videos, influencer collaboration pieces, and personalized brand storytelling content.

What sets Squid Media apart from other video ad agencies?
We are a Creator-Led agency based in Toronto that generated over a Billion views last year. We take creative scripts from production to conversions. We understand algorithms, audience behavior, and create super engaging that stops the scroll.
Can you manage influencer campaigns for my brand?
Yes, we can handle every aspect of influencer campaigns, from identifying potential partners and negotiating contracts, to creative direction and campaign tracking.
What is your video production process?

Our process emphasizes collaboration and includes:

Strategy: We develop a deep understanding of your target audience and goals.

Creative Concepting: We present multiple ideas tailored to your brand.

Production: We handle all aspects, from scripting and storyboarding to filming (in-house studio) and editing.

Optimization & Delivery: We fine-tune ads for maximum performance and ensure they meet platform specifications.

Can you help with ad targeting and placement?
Absolutely. We offer data-driven ad targeting and placement services to ensure your product/ service reaches the right people at the right time on the right platforms.
How do you measure the success of your video campaigns?

Great question! We track key metrics relevant to your goals, such as:

Impressions & Reach: How many people your ad reaches.

Engagement: Clicks, likes, shares, comments.

Conversions: Leads, sales, website traffic.

ROAS (Return on ad spend): The financial return on your ad spend.

Can you help me build a strong personal brand through videos?
Yes! We specialize in creating videos that showcase your expertise, personality, and values, helping you become a recognized thought leader in your field.
What are your pricing models?

We customize pricing based on project scope. We offer:

Project-based pricing: A flat fee for a specific video project.

Retainer-based pricing: Ongoing video production and content management support at a monthly rate.

Do you offer a free consultation?
Yes! We want to learn about your business and discuss your goals before anything else. You can connect with us at