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…the brainchild of Sahas Chopra, a seasoned and passionate entrepreneur. Besides running Squid Media, he is also an avid content creator and educator. Sahas immigrated to Canada in 2019 and started Squid Media in Toronto soon after. However, unlike most immigrants, he took the unconventional entrepreneurial route by opting to leverage his social media and video production expertise to help creators across the globe. In addition to consulting creators and brands on how to sell and succeed online, Sahas has successfully built his own personal brand on social media which boasts of a staggering 300,000+ followers and counting!
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Sahas has also personally curated “Boring Doesn’t Sell“, an online video course where he shares his expertise on what it takes to build a personal brand and a loyal following on social media.

For those who have completed his course and looking for personal guidance, Sahas also mentors a select few students.

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Squid Media has generated over100 Million views for its clients in the last 12 months and we are only getting started!

At Squid Media...

…our goal is to combine science with creativity to create video content that stands out from the noise and makes the viewer take notice. We do it by adding a strategic missing piece that boosts your content, which can make you viral and result in an increased ROI.

Over the years, we have helped content creators and brands such as Bankless, Collective Shift & Aditya Soma become thought leaders and influencers by consistently delivering exceptional views, followers and engagement. Our strategies have helped businesses generate an exponential revenue stream from social media.

We believe, if done right, social media can be a game-changer for you and your business. At Squid Media, we are committed to helping you do just that.

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Aditya Soma

Founder of Wincity Real Estate Team

Ben Simpson

Founder and CEO of Collective Shift

Arman Assadi

Host of Alfalfa and FLOW podcast

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